Friday, May 16, 2008

We Give Our Loved Ones Back To God

We give our loved ones back to God.
And just as He first gave them to us
and did not lose them in the giving,
so we have not lost them
to Him...

For life is eternal,
love is immortal,
death is only a horizon...
and a horizen is nothing
but the limit
of our earthly sight.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heavy Heart

I have some heart ache today. Last night my grandmother passed away. It was her time, and she passed with no pain, but I am still on the verge of tears when I think about her. She is a good woman who will be missed greatly. Most of my pain, I must admit, I am feeling for my grandfather. He has spent so many years at my grandmothers side, that I worry what his loss will bring for him. For the last two years he has devoted almost every waking hour to her, sitting by her, even when she wouldn't recognize him, he was there. I hope that his strength, and the love of his family will hopefully see him through this most painful time. I wish I had a picture of Grandma to post. She was such a beautiful woman.

On somewhat of a lighter note, I have been working non stop on this blankity-blanken mask. I am making great progress(I hope to get some photos soon, and maybe even post them), but I fear that it still will not be done on time. I am now starting to feel the pressure building behind the deadlines that are coming up shortly after the mask. The project that I have for Beading for a Cure is due back by June 15Th, and I will admit that I still don't know what I am going to make. I figure that will be easy to do as long as I start by June 1st. And then I get to start my Pink Ribbon Turtle ! I at least have the fabric picked out for that. Now I just need more beads! (my husband would argue that with me...)LOL!

Speaking of more beads, Red Fox Beads opened this week. You can check out this short video that the owner Shelia Reisinger made of the store. She is staring out well, and with some beady support, she will expand in time. I was there on opening morning, and she already had a few customers in, and even I couldn't resist buying something (I don't have much self restraint when it comes to beads).