Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Help with problem beads

I have teamed up with Michelle Mach from Beading Daily to try and help some beaders out with any problem beads, or projects they might have. Yesterday on the Beading Daily website Michelle unveiled their newest idea on helping out the beading community. Somehow she found my blog, and read my post about the bead store closing, and how much I miss it, and asked me if I might want to work with her on an idea she had. You can write to Beading Daily with any problems you might be having, or if you just need some creative stimulation. They will then forward these problems to me, and I will give my opinion of what I think might need to be done!

Michelle sent me this picture of some beads that she had bought and wasn't quite sure what to do with them. I suggested this:

When I saw the pine-cone polymer beads the first thing that popped into my head would be a lariat with maybe one bead on one end, and two on the other. I would pair it with some jasper, and even some nephrite or serpentine and give it a fall feel. Maybe the green bead could go on one end, and start in the green family, and blend slowly throughout the necklace to browns, with the other two browner pine-cone beads on the other end.

So, if you think you might want to know if I have any suggestions for you, just log on to www.beadingdaily.com and check out their post from Monday January 28Th, and it should direct you to how to go through the process! I am very excited. This should surely be fun!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Beading for a Cure

The 2008 Beading For A Cure challenge pieces have been unveiled! Last Friday they posted all the pictures of all the submissions, and I have to say what beautiful work everyone had submitted! It is absolutely amazing how many different things can be made with the same starter pack of beads. I would really suggest that you go and look at all the photos for yourself at http://www.beadingforacure.org/ . The slide show takes a while to load, but the pictures are great! And all of the work will be auctioned of on e-bay in march.

Here is a photo of my submission. I really had no idea what I was going to make for many months after receiving the packet. Then one day it just kind of started to flow. I started with the medallion in the middle, and once it was made it had this nice little curve to it that held the lampwork stone like a cup, so I peyote stitched a bezel around it and viola! my center piece had been created. I don't know about the rest of you, but I cant see the combination of red, orange, and yellow without thinking about flames(maybe its because I'm an Aries...). And so the rest of it just came together. I hope this years kit will be fun! The pictures I took myself really paled in comparison to what was done here. A professional photographer really can make a world of difference. It is amazing how much nicer the pictures look when they are displayed on one of those neck display thingies. I think I need to get one of those(of course until I find my camera even a neck thingy wont help my pictures!).

Monday, January 21, 2008

Slippers and jammies...

Well, the title says it all. I have been reduced to a slippered and jammied Michigan resident while the temperatures have dipped finally into "winter" status. Today is now my third day of not leaving the house. Thank heavens for a 3 day weekend, and not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get dressed and go into the cold just to get someone off to school. Oh how I dream of the days when they are old enough to drive themselves to school. Of course then they wont want to be at school as much as they do now, and they will have the ability to drive themselves to somewhere other then school and claim they were there anyway. Are mothers truly ever happy? First the kids need to much, then they need to little...what to do?....BEAD!
I always thought I was well organized. HA! I make myself laugh. How on earth could I misplace my own camera, in my own house and not be able to find it? I have finally found somewhere to try and market some beaded things( http://www.etsy.com/ ). I have a reasonable stockpile of things to try and sell, and all I have to do is take some pictures, and see what happens. Can you believe I still cant find it? Will I be reduced to buying myself a new digital camera that has the ability to take fabulous bead shots? Chances are that I would probably buy the same thing as what is missing because I LOVE that camera!!! Where, oh where has my little camera gone, oh where, oh where can it be???? Can you hear the frustration in my words? Well, maybe if I spent as much time cleaning my house as I spend beading, and looking at bead related things on the computer I would find it. Damn. I have guilted myself into housework. Oh well, maybe I'll find something good. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Blues

I cant believe it is mid-January and barely feels like winter and yet I am still sick of it. I used to love winter, with romantic thoughts of hibernation and spending all of my time indoors while beading. I now live my life getting in and out of the car playing taxi-mom, with barely anytime to warm my slippers up when I am home. Although I shouldn't complain to much today, because I just spent the last two days in my jammies and not leaving the house because the kids have been sick. I did do some beading, but it seems like my to-do list never gets any shorter. I still haven't started my mask for the behind the mask challenge, but at least I know what direction I am heading with it. I just need to get all the supplies together, and get to work! I am starting to worry though how much this thing will cost me to ship it to Maine, because it is going to be HEAVY. Hopefully I can afford it when the time comes!
I finished another square for the bead quilt ( www.shanigansbeadshenanigans.com ) but my camera has disappeared so I cant show it to you yet. I really need to organize my house! There are beads everywhere, and toys everywhere else. You would think a camera would not be that hard to lose, but...I have done it! Well, I need to get the trash out, I can hear the trucks rumbling close by...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A whole new year?

I survived the holidays! Including every member of my family, even the ones I don't normally like to deal with. And I can even say that I was nice! I spent Christmas night and the 26Th being sick, along with my son. Two days later my husband had it, and shortly thereafter I traveled the country and left the illness with my Mother in Washington DC. Last time I talked with her, she felt like she got hit with a truck. Hopefully she is feeling better.
I have also had the pleasure of continuing my animosity towards Charter Communications. Geez I hate their service. Especially the phone. My phone has been disconnected, and they don't seem to want to tell me why. I received no notice of this, and now that it is not working, they will probably want to charge me $60 to turn it back on. I cant wait until my order goes through to reconnect with AT&T. Never once was I dissatisfied with their service. I never should have left, but the bundle packages seem like such a big savings...at first...and then you pay and pay and pay...
So now that it is 2008, I am starting the year with good hopes! I have some challenges to work on, like the Beadin' Paths behind the mask challenge( http://www.beadinpath.com/) and of course Jeanette Shanigans bead quilt (http://www.shanigansbeadshenanigans.com/). I am sure I will find more to play with this year also. I am also hoping that something I have been discussing with Michelle Mach from Beading Daily will work out nicely. Stay tuned for more information on that as I talk with Michelle more. I was thinking of giving http://www.etsy.com/ a try this year to try and sell some of my jewelry. Any one give this website a try? I cant seem to tell how the artists are doing there because most people I have found seem to be new members also. I guess I will have to try it out, and I will let you know. I can afford to lose the $.20 listing fee for a few things just to see if it will work better then eBay. Well, I should be getting my butt to the grocery store. Happy New Year everyone, and may 2008 be great for all of you!