Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's coming!!!

Is everybody ready yet? Because it is almost here! Aiden, my 4 year old is done with preschool until the 7Th of January. I almost don't know what to do with all the extra help I am receiving. The family is all starting to show up for the holidays( siblings from California, Kalamazoo, etc.) and the parties are being planned. And myself? I am no where near ready for any of this! I still have presents to create, and candy to make, and heck, I still have to even think of what I might be doing for certain people. I still have that male relative problem. Why cant they be more ...hmmm what is the word I am looking for...accessory-able? I would even go so far as to say more beadable! I seem to have this problem every year, and its not as if I am not trying! It seems as if my dad is just not the type to wear a necklace, or as I commented earlier a tie clip, belt buckle or cuff link type of guy. Well, Im off to go and make some more wire curly-ques and thats all that I can say for fear of giving to many clues...

Monday, December 17, 2007

A New Light!

Have you ever had one of those days that just seems to bring your spirits up? I think I am having one of those days today! Yeah! I needed this. Actually, its a good day for lots of reasons. I live in Michigan, and Saturday night into Sunday we got enough snowfall that they cancelled school today. Who doesn't love a snow day? Then I got a really cool email, that has just made my spirits soar! I love new beady endeavors!
Ive been thinking lots about The Beadin' Paths ( bead challenge that I entered, the beaded mask. I have been reading the posts from other challengers on their message board and trying to get a good idea of where I might start. Lots of people seem to be thinking the same things, bead embroidery, hiochol type beadwork, peyote, and even some RAW suggestions....Hmmmmm what to do. It will be on the back burner in my mind until after Christmas though. Everyone finished making their presents yet? I will admit that I am still coming up with new ideas for things to make people. I do wish there were more ideas to do with beads out there for the men in my life but I don't think any of my guys need belt buckles, tie clips or cuff links made with beads! Any body have good guy suggestions?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bead Store Blues

Well, its been a few weeks now since Ive had to work, and the bead store is all closed up. You would think that this would be a happy thing, to not have to go to work, and have lots of time to deal with Christmas and all, but quite truthfully I think I am going through withdrawl. I am no longer used to days playing taxi to the kids, and barely getting a moments rest. I miss the bead store, and all of the customers. I made a lot of good friends while I was there, and they really helped the creative juices flow. I like to see what other people are doing in the bead world, and I liked to help problem solve. Now the biggest problem I get to solve has to do with who gets to play video games first, and whether or not all the homework is done. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Any suggestions? I am still beading daily(its a good stress buster, and I have a lot of presents to make), but the kids don't really want to talk about it with me. My husband is very understanding, and he will listen, but beads don't quite get his creative juices flowing, and he never has the same ideas I do. Oh well, maybe I will fall into a routine soon, and maybe I will find a new bead store to work at. A girl can dream cant she?