Monday, September 30, 2013

Pyroclastic Rainbow

I have been in such a funk.  I haven't been beading as much, and I certainly haven't kept my blog or my etsy store up to date.  After I got laid off from the bead store a year ago in June (right after Bead and Button) I turned into a hermit.  I sat here in my house in a little funk being depressed because I love to be surrounded by beads and beady people and my regular dose (work) was now gone.  How does one get out of this funk?  It has lasted too long, and I am trying to pull myself out of it, so here's a blog post to bring some life to this page.
I made this necklace to go with my favorite pair of socks that my Mom made for me (one of the best sock knitters around, if I do say so myself).  I just love the yarn, and the colors are a little bit of sunshine on my feet. 
I went into my local bead store (where I used to work) with sock in hand, to set out to find some matching beads that would go with my fantastic socks.  I also picked up some Swarovski crystals (Vitrial) from Beyond Beadery that would match, and tried to settle on a design.

 I started with the big 35mm stone, and tried to decide how to arrange the 12 18mm rivolis.  I really liked the way they looked when I stacked them, so I decided that would be perfect to frame the big stone in front.  The other 4 rivolis I scattered throughout the strap for some extra sparkle.
 I wanted to get a good graduation of color in the strap, and also knew I wanted fringe, so I used netting to make little triangles of graduated color to match the shape and color of the fringe in the front.
Of course I finished it off with a beaded toggle closure, because why add metal when seed beads can do the job, right?  It measures 16 inches, and has a wonderful amount of sparkle to it (thank you Swarovski!).  I've gotten a lot of compliments when I am wearing it, especially about the stacked rivolis.  Of course I always show people my socks when I am wearing it, and Mom wins her fair share of compliments too (thanks Mom!).