Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twins!! (and they glow)

When the (somewhat new) twin beads had come out, I knew I wanted to play with them to see if they were easy to work into beadwork.  After seeing what colors they had available, I decided to try the glow-in-the-dark twins because I have a strange liking of things that glow-in-the-dark.  Choosing the beads to go with them made me decide that ultra vibrant would be cool, because they would also look especially neat under a black light.  So I picked a rainbow assortment of matte beads, and some fabulous ultra purple swarovski stones for the focal.  I made this necklace, and let me tell you, it is BRIGHT!
I had seen lots of other peoples new designs with the twins, and set out to find my own way of using them (which is much harder then you might think)!  After playing, and ripping, and playing some more, I came upon something I liked that wasnt exactly like anything I had seen someone else do yet.  I started out with a swarovski 8mm tanzanite round, and kind of circled my way around them to make the little medallions that are used in the strap.
For the focal, I bezelled the 27mm and the 18mm stones, and wondered what to do next.  I started to add petals, because I love the way they look like a flower when done, but about halfway through I decided I didnt like it.  Instead of just starting over I decided to try something else for just half of it, and made netted spikes to finish it off.  Well who wouldve worked (I liked it)!  And better yet, they looked good with the medallions!

So I strapped the 2 big stones together, and whipped up a bunch more medallions for the strap.  I finished it all off with a beaded toggle that I think ended up looking great with it!  

At this point, I would like to let you know, that it is very hard (at least for me) to get pictures of glow-in-the-dark beads!  I wanted to get a picture so you would all know that I was telling the truth (not that anyone here has called me a liar before), and thought if I plan on trying to sell this piece, I should at least show the glowing in the dark photos to let you kind of see what they look like.  So heres the best of the 50 or so shots I tried, just so you can see!  I should also say that I dont own a black light, so that view I will have to leave up to your imagination (at least for now).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying to get back into the swing of things...

  Let me start by saying, that I am so glad 2012 is over.  Last year was not a good year for me, especially in the creativity department!  Right after I returned from my first Bead and Button show, I was laid off at work, and at first it was a nice vacation.  But after awhile, it really started to settle in and I was depressed.  I really enjoy working at a bead store!  Talking with all the other beaders, teaching people how to bead (and getting them addicted, mwa ha ha!) and just being around the beads really helps get the creative juices flowing! 
  I was lucky enough to buy some new things (yay Beyond Beadery!) when I was working the bead shows, and have finally got around to taking the pictures...(I hate taking the pictures!!!)  I was thrilled when the spikes first came out!  I love a good spiked collar (thanks to my "punk rock" days) and thats the first thing I made!  It is a bead embroidered collar, with mostly black beads and a little silver just to stand out amongst the black.  The silver beads are a delica permanent finish, and the silver metal beads are sterling.  The pendant is a Swarovski crystal that I got in Tucson last year.

  Heres a clearer picture, and you can even see the facets on the crystal in this one!  I made it adjustable, because everyones neck is a little different, and I hate things that are too tight on your neck!
  I always like to take a flat picture with bead embroidery, just so you can really see the detail.  And taking this picture reminds me how irritated I was that I had to cut this piece of stiffened felt and the leather for the back on a diagonal across the fabric because of its length.  Now I have 2 triangles of fabric left over...grr, grumble, grumble!
  Of course heres a little bit closer view, and you can clearly see the spike on the end of the chain.  They are very easy to work with (the spikes) both flat on the fabric peyoting around them, or just peyoting them by themselves!

  One last shot of the back when its closed, just so you can see that view too!  I really liked these shiny black spikes (I have matte ones too) but I think I wouldve liked the metallic finishes (silver) even better.  They just werent available when I first got the black ones...
  So, now that it is a new year, I would like to try and get a little better at updating my blog, and listing on etsy.  Ive been slacking!  This is the first one to go, so if your interested go check it out on my etsy site.  And stay tuned for more pictures in the upcoming days of some other things I finished last year that I finally took pictures of!