Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finished off some things...

I finally checked a few more things of my beady "to do" list! This first one I started last fall for the etsy-beadweaver challenge "Indian Summer". I was never quite satisfied with it, so I never entered it into the challenge. I took it up north with me this weekend, and finished it off...and I must say I am now satisfied!
These pretty little flowers are supposed to be sunflowers. The flowers are made up of crystal copper rivolis, bezzeled and then surrounded with petals of rust and yellow.
I don't normally take pictures of the back of my pieces, but I had to share this one because I am especially proud of how nice it looks even from the back!
The rope is made up of 3 herringbone ropes braided together. I finished it of with a toggle made to look like a flower also. I can just imagine how nice this necklace would look with a sundress. It is bright and cheerful and sure to turns heads, so if you are interested in this one check out my etsy shop.
This next necklace is not really a "loose end" that I needed to finish up, but rather necklace I wanted to put together just because I was inspired by the glass bead in the center. A while back I had placed third in a Fire Divas jewelry challenge and one of my prizes was a gift certificate from Tera from Beadygirl Beads. It was a hard choice, because I liked so many of her beads, but I finally decided the peace bead spoke the loudest, so it came home to my house!
I made up some beaded beads to go with it, and made up this necklace to enter in the current Fire Divas jewelry challenge.
As I said, I was inspired by this fabulous focal bead. Pictures do not do it justice! I made some peace beaded beads, and some Cellini spiral beads and then strung it all with some swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings. Tera was also kind enough to add a few little extra beads that match and they are also in the necklace.
I'm not really sure how I keep leaving my BJP till the last picture of the posts. Maybe because I am sad to say that I am not keeping up with the months, even though I knew before hand that I would not be able to keep up. This is Mays Bead Journal Page. It is made up of a cloisonne turtle (the legs and head move on this one) and some broken earrings from my Grandmothers old jewelry stash. I chose the iris to represent the irises that bloomed in my own yard in May, even in those colors! The crystal clusters are representing the lilac bushes that my boys gave me for mothers day a few years back. They are also purple and bloom in May. You might wonder why I used the brick red in the background, but I will tell you it is to represent the brick driveway that I have where all of these flowers are bordering.
Now if only I could come up with an idea for Junes BJP, I would feel a little bit more on schedule. Oh well, I am sure that something will inspire me soon...