Monday, November 22, 2010

Bronze Tiger

Geesh, I hate taking pictures! I just realized that this one has been done for over a week, and I was just putting off taking the pictures! Anyway... This is my fall Artbeads piece*! I was inspired to make this by watching a documentary that had Jackie O in it. She was wearing a necklace that was hard to see, and even in black and white, I knew is was a perfect design! Of course mine turned out different then what she was actually wearing, but I like it anyways! It is made with 16mm tiger eye coins, which I bezelled with bronze delicas and 15's. Six great big tiger eye teardrops, which I also bezelled, and then connected it all together with some swarovski crystal (light colorado topaz) because I can never resist adding some swarovski bling! I really loved how this turned out. I LOVE tigers eye, and with the bronze and crystal it really is very rich looking I even made the toggle because I think it adds something to a beadwoven necklace, to have a beadwoven toggle!
I also entered this one in Artbeads "What inspires you?" contest. Voting goes from November 23rd through December 8Th. So please check out there website and vote for your favorite (you get five votes in each category, so use them wisely!).

And then I figured, as long as Ive got the camera out, I might as well take a couple of new photos of this one too.
I made this necklace for Margie Deebs Fall color report (2010), but it was to long. I had this feeling myself, but when Margie suggested shortening it, I knew it was the right decision. So now I can actually list it on etsy! (which is the next stop on my to do list!)

*disclaimer- All products received from are free of charge in return for my honest opinion of the products.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Necklace from the Black Lagoon

Here's a necklace I made to enter in the latest Fire Divas jewelry challenge. I was inspired by the focal bead, which is called "Monstrous Algae."
When I think about monstrous algae, I think of the monster from the black lagoon. This necklace is not monstrous, but I couldn't resist naming it like I did.
The focal bead was made by Melanie from Arensea. Its a fabulous bead, and I used its colors to do the rest of the necklace.
I made some netted sections, which I strung on beading wire. I used swarovski crystals, and brass findings.
I finished it off with a brass toggle. It is 22 inches long, and the focal bead is 30mm. I'm so glad I got it all done and entered into the contest on time(today is the last day to enter). I love entering the Fire Divas challenges. Not a lot of people enter, which gives me a better chance of winning some new beads! And we all know how much I need more!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hooray for Bollywood!

When the etsy beadweavers announced the September challenge, Bollywood, I was thrilled! I had so many fantastic ideas for bollywood fashion it was hard to choose just one! When I think of Indian jewelry I think of bright colors, mirrors, and bells. Fuchsia and purple were at the top of my list for colors. Mirrors were always my favorite part of embroidered clothing, and bells seemed to always announce when the wearer had arrived.
So when I combined these things, this is what I came up with! I found mirrors at JoAnns in their mosaic department. The larger ones in front are 1 inch, and the smaller ones towards the back are 3/4 inch. I bezelled them all, and then started to sew them all together.
I wanted the center to be a bit larger then just the mirror, so I took some memory wire, covered it in aquarium tubing, and then covered that in peyote stitch. It seemed to work well with the circular motif, so I used some netting to hold the mirror in place. After all the mirrors were connected I added netting with bells to the bottoms of the center mirrors. The rest of the larger mirrors in front I added 4mm swarovski bicone fringe to, just to up the sparkle quota. In the back I added a peyote toggle and bar for the closure.
I decided though, as I was finishing up, to not stress the deadline and leave it at home while I went to visit my sister for the Labor Day weekend. We had a great time, and I don't regret my decision at all. It will still get listed on etsy, just in my own sweet time! (which must be today!)
Old habits die hard, so here at the end of the post I confess my inability to stay on top of my Bead Journal Page. I know I am not the only one to fall behind, but my guilt comes from knowing that I certainly am not TRYING to keep up....So anyways, here's June...
June is the month that I married my wonderful husband. On June 26Th, 1999 (hence the numbers at the bottom) Brian and I were married. He is my best friend, and soul mate so I dedicated this one to him. He doesn't like the colors, but they were the colors we were married in (me in white, him in black, and the bridesmaids in burgundy). The center heart is also a locket, which I plan on getting our wedding photo shrunk down to fit because it can still open.

And here's July!...
This little turtles celebrating the 4Th of July! The flag that its holding is actually a pin that was my Grandmas. Kind of looks like its being waved, huh? The yellow bugles are supposed to be fireworks going off, and the stars and moon are sequins from a stash of things my mom gave me long ago.
I still don't have August started, or even have an idea for that matter...but I'm sure I will think of something. As soon as the gears in my head slow down a bit, I'm sure it will come to me, right?

Friday, August 6, 2010


This is my entry into the Etsy Beadweavers August challenge "Silver and Gold". I knew right away what I was going to make as soon as I heard the theme! Earlier this summer when I was visiting relatives, we went to this cute little artsy area to do some window shopping. In the window of a jewelry store in Occuquan Virginia I saw a necklace similar to the one I made.
It was a small spiral of silver on one side, with a small spiral of gold on the other and they spiraled together in the front. I didn't take a picture, but just jotted down some thoughts on what my own version would look like. Oglala stitch was perfect, and size 15 seed beads helped scale it to the right size. Because it was so lightweight, I needed to weigh it down on the front. A beaded bead with swarovski crystals was the perfect solution!
I finished it off with a Sparkly Wheel, and bar to make the toggle. Simple and sweet! I listed it yesterday on etsy, and it is one of 50 entries! Please stop by the etsy-beadweaver blog between August 9Th and 15Th to see the rest of the beautiful entries and vote for your favorite.
On another note, my necklace "A Sunny Day in the Garden" sold! The buyer inquired as to matching post earrings, and these are what I came up with. The are a hair under 20mm across, and are finished off with sterling silver posts. I think they turned out great, and the customer likes them too! What a perfect end to the week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finished off some things...

I finally checked a few more things of my beady "to do" list! This first one I started last fall for the etsy-beadweaver challenge "Indian Summer". I was never quite satisfied with it, so I never entered it into the challenge. I took it up north with me this weekend, and finished it off...and I must say I am now satisfied!
These pretty little flowers are supposed to be sunflowers. The flowers are made up of crystal copper rivolis, bezzeled and then surrounded with petals of rust and yellow.
I don't normally take pictures of the back of my pieces, but I had to share this one because I am especially proud of how nice it looks even from the back!
The rope is made up of 3 herringbone ropes braided together. I finished it of with a toggle made to look like a flower also. I can just imagine how nice this necklace would look with a sundress. It is bright and cheerful and sure to turns heads, so if you are interested in this one check out my etsy shop.
This next necklace is not really a "loose end" that I needed to finish up, but rather necklace I wanted to put together just because I was inspired by the glass bead in the center. A while back I had placed third in a Fire Divas jewelry challenge and one of my prizes was a gift certificate from Tera from Beadygirl Beads. It was a hard choice, because I liked so many of her beads, but I finally decided the peace bead spoke the loudest, so it came home to my house!
I made up some beaded beads to go with it, and made up this necklace to enter in the current Fire Divas jewelry challenge.
As I said, I was inspired by this fabulous focal bead. Pictures do not do it justice! I made some peace beaded beads, and some Cellini spiral beads and then strung it all with some swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings. Tera was also kind enough to add a few little extra beads that match and they are also in the necklace.
I'm not really sure how I keep leaving my BJP till the last picture of the posts. Maybe because I am sad to say that I am not keeping up with the months, even though I knew before hand that I would not be able to keep up. This is Mays Bead Journal Page. It is made up of a cloisonne turtle (the legs and head move on this one) and some broken earrings from my Grandmothers old jewelry stash. I chose the iris to represent the irises that bloomed in my own yard in May, even in those colors! The crystal clusters are representing the lilac bushes that my boys gave me for mothers day a few years back. They are also purple and bloom in May. You might wonder why I used the brick red in the background, but I will tell you it is to represent the brick driveway that I have where all of these flowers are bordering.
Now if only I could come up with an idea for Junes BJP, I would feel a little bit more on schedule. Oh well, I am sure that something will inspire me soon...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fish On!

When Artbeads contacted me about their blogging topic*, "Summertime Fun", all it took was a quick glance at the new swarovski fish beads before I had a fun necklace idea! It was a hard choice at first because I was given the broad spectrum of their glass beads to choose from. I just cant seem to help myself when it comes to swarovski though!
I made a spiral rope with over 300 swarovski 4mm bicones. It also has 2 crystal copper fish beads to break it up in the front of the necklace.
The clasp is in front, and it is made up of a sparkly wheel and a handcrafted sterling silver fish hook (I made myself!).
From the sparkly wheel hang 4 fish pendant beads. 1 crystal copper, 1 indicolite, 1 blue zircon, and 1 aquamarine. The copper is supposed to look like a goldfish, but I'll admit its more brown then gold! The whole thing is very sparkly, and has a really fun feeling to it.
And last but not least, I finally finished Aprils Bead Journal Project! I started this back before Easter. and it was nice to get it done. It is supposed to look like an Easter egg (because Easter usually is in April). It has gold turtles (because they fit my turtles throughout the year theme), and presents, because both my birthday and my sons birthday are in April! The rest was just filling in the blanks.
I've finally started my May BJP, and hopefully will also get to Junes before the month is up! I'll cross my fingers, and hope for easy beading!

*disclaimer- all products received from artbeads are free of cost to me in exchange for my opinion of said products.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mums the Word

I just got done with another one! I created this necklace for Margie Deeb, for her fall color report. It is a beautiful mustard colored cabochon, with deep red mums up either side. A couple of olive green leaves stick out underneath.
First I made a netted base in a chocolate brown metallic size 11/o seed bead. Although it is hard to tell from the pictures, it is not a circular pattern, It comes to a "v" in the front.
I made 6 flowers with a 6mm Czech glass fire-polished bead for the center, and made petals with a deep red size 11/o seed bead.
I bezzelled the cab and attached it to the center of the base. Then I attached the flowers, which are done in a basic leaf pattern and the leaves, which are done in peyote stitch.
I used a magnetic slide clasp in the back in a bronze color which match the brown beads in the netting perfectly! Easy on, easy off!
It was hard working with these fall colors right now. Ill admit I am VERY excited to start on my Artbeads summer fun necklace. It will be choc' full of summer blues, which is what its all about in the summer in Michigan, fun in the water!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beading For A Cure 2010

Its done!!! I feel like this has been in the works forever, but am quite satisfied with myself now that its done. Beading For A Cure is a charity that I started donating to a few years ago. It was started by some friends of a woman named Layne, who died of colorectal cancer. Every year there is a kit, and the rules are simple. Use at least one of every bead in the kit, and add no more then one type of bead to it. When all of the pieces are done, they are auctioned off on eBay, with all of the proceeds going to help support colorectal cancer research. This year, I had no idea when I bought my kit, that colorectal cancer would play a part in my life. A family member was diagnosed, and had a tumor removed just about a month ago now. He is doing well, and hopefully will continue.
I absolutely loved this years kit. Bronze and purple work so well together and there were so many beads in the kit, it didn't really need any additions but I couldn't help myself. I added the focal piece, which is a 37mm fancy octagon Swarovski crystal in Light Colorado Topaz (from Artbeads*).
I bezzelled the octagon, and then added 4mm cyclamen opal crystals, some from the original kit and some that I added. The kit also contained 4mm Czech crystals, and 4mm freshwater pearls, which are in the connecting strands of the necklace.
I made some squares with right angle weave (R.A.W.), and then used 6mm cyclamen opal crystals inside the little windows. Each square has two little fringies off the bottoms, that add some movement to the whole piece.
I made the toggle with another R.A.W. square, and a bar also in R.A.W.. From the square I dangled a little cancer ribbon charm to remind the wearer of the necklaces significance.
I was horrified when I was making this, to find out that as I was getting ready to connect the clasp, I was four pearls short! ACK!! I of course tried the bead store I worked at to find something similar, to no avail. Many thanks go out to Tracy for helping me out and sending me some more pearls so that I could finish my necklace the way I had envisioned it. Thanks Tracy!!!
*disclaimer - all products recieved by are free of charge and are given to me for my honest opinion of the products.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloomin' Turtle

So for the first few months, I felt like I was keeping on track, and would be able to pull these things off in a timely fashion. WRONG! This is March's Bead Journal Project...and although it has been done since the beginning of April, I am obviously just getting around to taking the pictures! I still haven't finished Aprils, and now its May, and I don't even have a clue as to what it will look like this month, let alone when I will get to it. Oh well, at least there is no BJP police, to track me down and make me feel guilty, even though I rationally know that I shouldn't.
So this little turtle is bloomin'! Of course March is the time when everything starts to turn back to green, and come alive. It also happens to be the month that the Beadwork Challenge that I participated in hit the news stands! I used a lot of the left over beads from my challenge kit to make this months project. I just added a turtle (still have lots more) and a few seed beads. The leaves and flowers, and a majority of the seed beads came in the challenge packet. I was especially happy to work in the olivine, flat-backed, leaf shaped swarovskis , because I have no idea where else I could have used them!

I am trying my hardest to get more done, and post the finished pics! Stay tuned (probably this weekend) for my finished Beading For A Cure piece. I'll admit that April and Mays BJP will be on the back burner, while I create something for one of Margie Deebs Color Reports (I'm super excited to get started on this )! Bead on!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ABS Turquoise Challenge

Again I finished just in the nick of time! I put the finishing touches on this piece today, and its deadline for contest entry is today. This is my entry to the Art Bead Scene Turquoise Challenge. The challenge was to use these four colors in anything you want, in any proportions you want.
I don't know why, but for some reason, I immediately decided to do a bead embroidered collar. The first beads I found were the turquoise pieces, and then went to town picking out the rest of the seed beads and things. Of course I used many sizes of beads(adds to the texture), 15's , 11's , 8's in seed beads, and I also used some czech glass.
It did take me a while to find the big donut in the middle, but once I saw it I knew it was the one! I think its pressed turquoise because it looks like chunks all smashed together and then polished up. Its still pretty though! Then I bezzelled 2 swarovski rivolis, one of which I placed right in the middle of the donut, the other above it.
I think the whole thing looks kind of "Aztec" or like a kaleidoscope. The colors remind me of lilacs, and summertime.
Its pretty light weight, and actually adjusts in size so it will fit every time (no matter what your shirt neckline is)! I wrestled with the idea of putting fringe on, but after a few failed attempts, I decided I was satisfied with it, even with out fringe.
Now all I need is a name for this piece. I actually find that the hardest part about making things. I usually can only come up with really silly names...
I also think I am going to enter this one in the etsy-beadweaver April challenge "light as a breeze". Its very springy, and with the right title, and story line, I think it will work! Check out the rest of the entries between April 9Th and 15Th at the etsy-beadweaver blog and pick your favorite!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Artbeads and Beading for a Cure

Artbeads* declared the months of February and March as 'the beauty of spring' months for their blogging community*! This was such a hard choice, considering I could choose anything to blog about! After giving it some thought, I decided I needed to try out some more wonderful swarovski crystal. Having already loved the fancy pear, and the fancy oval, I decided to pick the 37mm fancy octagon in light colorado topaz. And again, I love them! So big and fantastc, I cant wait to bezell them! I also choose some cyclamen opal bi-cones in both 4mm and 6mm (which is a very interesting color). And last but not least, a nice antique gold awareness ribbon charm (I'll explain this choice in a minute) which is just perfect.
I picked these things, because I plan to add them to my Beading For a Cure Project for 2011. Kits have just gone out, and after some thinking time, I decided what to make and thought these Artbeads pretties would make a nice addition!
So the kit this year (as seen above) is composed of seed beads of many sizes (8/0's , 11/0's , 15/0's and drops) in both purple and bronze. There are also some swarovski crystals in 4mm and 6mm in cyclamen opal. Some fresh water pearls and some 4mm fire polish round the kit out.
If you look here, you can see how nicely the light colorado topaz goes with the bronze, and I plan to attach the ribbon charm at the clasp because of course Beading For a Cure is to help with colorectal cancer research. I still have a week or two before I can get started on this new project, but I wanted to share these pieces with you now because I am so excited to get started!
Lets not forget the March is national colorectal cancer awareness month. The Beading For a Cure auctions are now underway, and will continue on through-out April until May 9Th. Please stop by the site and make a bid on your favorite beady design!
*disclaimer - all beads received from are free of cost to me in exchange for trying them out and giving my honest opinion of them good or bad.