Monday, November 22, 2010

Bronze Tiger

Geesh, I hate taking pictures! I just realized that this one has been done for over a week, and I was just putting off taking the pictures! Anyway... This is my fall Artbeads piece*! I was inspired to make this by watching a documentary that had Jackie O in it. She was wearing a necklace that was hard to see, and even in black and white, I knew is was a perfect design! Of course mine turned out different then what she was actually wearing, but I like it anyways! It is made with 16mm tiger eye coins, which I bezelled with bronze delicas and 15's. Six great big tiger eye teardrops, which I also bezelled, and then connected it all together with some swarovski crystal (light colorado topaz) because I can never resist adding some swarovski bling! I really loved how this turned out. I LOVE tigers eye, and with the bronze and crystal it really is very rich looking I even made the toggle because I think it adds something to a beadwoven necklace, to have a beadwoven toggle!
I also entered this one in Artbeads "What inspires you?" contest. Voting goes from November 23rd through December 8Th. So please check out there website and vote for your favorite (you get five votes in each category, so use them wisely!).

And then I figured, as long as Ive got the camera out, I might as well take a couple of new photos of this one too.
I made this necklace for Margie Deebs Fall color report (2010), but it was to long. I had this feeling myself, but when Margie suggested shortening it, I knew it was the right decision. So now I can actually list it on etsy! (which is the next stop on my to do list!)

*disclaimer- All products received from are free of charge in return for my honest opinion of the products.


The bad Liz said...

One of the readers of my blog suggested that I check out this necklace that you did! It's so cool and similar to a necklace that I was thinking of doing from a piece that I found while googling "coronation jewels"

Aleta said...

I love tiger eye - so I'm a big fan of that necklace!

And the other one - WOW - I love flowers on necklaces and that is a beautiful one!!!

coolmoon said...

You go, Gretchen! Artbeads featured Bronze Tiger front and center on Facebook yesterday! I recognized it immediately! Recognition for your work is always a thrill...congrats!

Beads said...

The gold necklace is very amazonian. Any woman would feel empowered to be wearing that!

Lori said...

Hi, Gretchen! *Ü*
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog re: the Fire Diva Jewelry Challenge. Your beadwork is beautiful and I'm especially in love with this Tiger necklace! Good luck with the contest too!

Patterns for Beads said...

I just found this tiger eye necklace and it changed my mind about tiger eye! I never really cared much for it, but this is a beauty. And the RED, Wow, that is a beauty as well. What fun it must be to make them even if the photos are a pain!