Sunday, February 6, 2011

Along the Garden Path

In the spring, when the flowers are just starting to bloom, a walk along the garden path is a little different then summer. You can see the cool grey color of the stepping stones, and the pale vines and soft purple flowers come alive against the cold stone finish. The grey color used in this necklace was the color I chose to work with for Margie Deebs spring color report. I'll admit, I wasn't happy the prettier color were all taken, and what I was left with was the color of cement! But I think I did pretty good with it anyway, right?
I was originally going to do the whole necklace using silver shade rivolis, but then I was browsing the Artbeads site, and I found the most perfect thing! The "Divine Rock" is what it was called, and it fit perfectly into my stepping stone idea! So I bezelled the rivolis, and the rocks, and set them up into a pattern I really like!
I added some green vines, with pretty purple flowers (star flowers from Diane Fitzgeralds "The Beaded Garden"). They kind of weave around the stepping stones, and add a little bit of color to the otherwise very boring grey!
And of course I ended it with a beaded toggle, like always! I was happy to send it off, and be done with it (it caused me to lose much sleep!).


antonella said...

It's very Pretty!!!! You're very good at beading... Have a nice week, ciao!

SharDon Exclusives said...

As usual, your work is ALWAYS so beautiful. The colors on this are wonderful...thank you for sharing this lovely piece.

Summer said...

Wow, stunning! The trailing flower vine is the perfect touch:) Love it.