Friday, September 28, 2012

Beading For a Cure 2012

I finished my Beading For a Cure piece a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share!  Beading For a Cure is a challenge where you get a packet of beads, and you must use at least one of each bead given, and you can add one bead of your choice. You can also add anything you want that isnt technically a bead, like a rivoli, or a great big stone piece, like I did.  The colors this year had a southwestern feel to them.  I really liked the selection!  So this is the necklace that I made...

I started by bezeling a jasper slab that I had that had some of the same color in it as the beads that were given.  I also bezeled a big brown swarovski crystal(sorry, I dont remember the name of the color) and attached it to the front of the jasper.  I added fringe to the bottom of both.
The strap is made with a great sea green matte peanut bead, and a metallic size 8 bead done in right angle weave.  I added a right angle weave decorative beaded bead to the strap done with the 4mm fire polish, some seed beads, and a drop bead.
I have to say that I really like how this turned out.  The colors were a great choice, and it all seemed to just fall into place once I found the stone for the centerpiece.
Heres a closer up view of the beading, and the embellishment that I added to the strap.  I love the way that big swarovski stone sparkles!  For the clasp, I made a sparkly wheel (designed by Nikia Angel) and a right angle weave toggle bar.
I really enjoy doing the BFAC challenge, not only for the challenge, but because it is a good charity to support.  The pieces that were made will all be auctioned off in March, which is national colo-rectal cancer month. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monkey Business

First off I would like to say that I give Dot Lewallen (Speedie Beadie) a lot of credit for all the beanie babies she has beaded!  It is a tremendous amount of work, but fun at the same time.  This is one that I beaded for a very good friend for his birthday.  It is one of the mini beanie babies (from McDonald's happy meal toys) which is good because I have done a full sized one before, and that was pain in the booty!
I did the whole body in shades of brown, with some jasper beads, some Czech 3mm and 4mm fire polish and some bone here and there for interest, like the medallion on his tummy and the swirl around his tail.  I used cream colored beads for his tail, ears, face and paws.  I really like how he turned out!
I am so happy that he was well received, and will be a nice addition to a collection.  The man I made it for is wonderful, and he and his wife have really made my life more fantastic.  I REALLY enjoy spending time with them, and learning all that I can from them.
Here's a good tummy shot, where you can clearly see the bone medallion.  
And of course a good back shot, where you can see his curly tail.  And let me tell you that tail was no fun to bead.  It was hard to keep the natural curl that he had pre-beads, but I managed, and then tacked it down for good measure.
This is a booty shot (glad this monkey doesn't blush easily!).  You can kind of see the bone swirl that surrounds the base of his tail, and of course you can see the tail is staying curly.  Just the way I like it!  I am really happy that I have the ability to bead, so that I can share it with my friends and family, and of course, the world.  Hopefully my arthritis wont take that away from me!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Ketchup!

So in December, my mothers church had a charity auction, for which I made a piece to donate!  I used one of Sandra Halpennys beadwoven lace patterns, and then I added I large oval jasper to the mix, and came up with this!  It turned out very well, and I even made a matching pair of earrings!  I certainly hope that it helps make some money for the church.
 I also bead embroidered a cuff for my friend Betceys birthday!  I used a swarovski rectangle for the focal, but instead of centering it, I off set it on a diagonal, which I think really helps it look a little different.   I used some rosefire rivolis, and a couple light Colorado topaz on the sides. 
 I had intended for the bracelet to be mostly browns (so that it would go with anything) but somehow the whole thing turned out a little on the purple/pink side of things. 
Betcey seemed to really like it, but she commented she didn't have anything to wear with it, until she remembered that she had just bought a shirt with the exact same colors in it!  Perfect!
Yay! It matched!  I lined the inside with a tan ultra suede, and the whole thing is on a 2 " metal cuff blank.  I used lots of different seed beads, and even added some pearls, and some stone (I dont remember what kind)!
I still have more things to show you, but I'm trying, a little at a time to get them all up here for you to see.  I made my boss Sara a pretty necklace for her birthday too, but I didn't have time to take pictures before I gave it to her.  I will have to wait until she wears it to work some day, and grab it so I can get some photos!  It is pretty and I would like to share it! 

Anyway, my goal this year is to not neglect my blog so much, so stay tuned for more beaded goodies coming your way!   I am working on a great choker right now using the new spike beads, and next I have some glow in the dark twin beads that I plan in working something up with!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catching up!

Its been such a long time since Ive taken care of my blog, I guess its time to play catch up!  I have been beading (although my muse did take a LONG vacation last year).  I made two necklaces for Margie Deebs spring color report, which I think turned out pretty good.
First, I made this pretty lilac colored necklace.  It is made with a 27mm swarovski crystal in Light Vitrial.  Then it has five 20x32mm Chinese crystals around it.I bezelled them all with right angle weave, which I have to say is really fun!
The strap is done in chevron stitch, with embellishments. 
The toggle is a Sparkly Wheel (designed by Nikia Angel).  The toggle bar is also done in RAW with embellishments.
I really like the simplicity of this one.  Its not weighed down by lots of fringe or anything(not that I don't love some good lush fringe!).  Its very comfortable to wear, and receives lots of compliments, so if you love it, go look in my etsy shop!

Remember how I said I love some lush fringe?   Well,  I put some on this necklace!
The center flower is a 27mm swarovski crystal in Rosefire.  I gave it petals, and then some smaller petals, and then some rose opal 4mm swarovski crystals.
The flowers that make up the necklace are made with rosefire swarovski rivolis.  The flowers match on each side, but none of the flowers are the same.  I had to add some dark blue into the mix (because I had a color palette to work from).  I made some very small RAW beaded beads, and then added them to the connections of the flowers. The small petals on the center piece are also tipped in this dark blue.
The toggle is just a peyote ring and bar.  I'm also really proud of this one because it made the cover of the color report!  Yay!
And just in case Ive never said this before, you really should check out Margies color report.  It is full of valuable color advice for jewelry artists.  And of course it has Pantones color picks for whats in fashion this spring/summer!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Way out of hand UFO!

Have you ever forgotten to do something, and then figured it out WAY to long afterwards to make any kind of attempt to make it right again?  Well, I have!  I was digging through the piles on my work desk (yes, there is alot of stuff piled there) and near the bottom, I ran across a bag of UFOs. 

Now, we all have UFOs, but this particular UFO instantly made me feel horrible!  It was a bag from Rings & Things and it was full of good intentions gone wrong.  I joined the blog partners program that they had, and last December(2010) I had won the prize of a $50 gift certificate, with which I was supposed to pick out some products and blog about them.  I had the idea of trying out a pattern from the book Beadmaille by Cindy Thomas Pankopf.  I ordered some jump rings, and a few other goodies and waited for their arrival.  I figured I could easily find some of the things for the pattern I picked out in my local bead stores so besides the jump rings, I just picked out some little things that I wanted to play with.  Once the package arrived, I dove right in, but much to my dismay, I couldnt find the other correct supplies, so I was left to try and make it work.  It didnt!

I was left to try and use up these big bags of jumprings with my own imagination and I have to say, I wasnt impressed.  I tried everything I could think of (still wanting to try chanmaille in some fashion) and ran head first into a brick wall (OUCH)!  I did make a necklace which kind of looks like a box chain, and decided to try and make a pendant.  Its nothing to special, but I knew after I found the UFO bag, I had to complete my original task and blog about the products.  Here is my chanmaille necklace...
I made a simple pendant that holds a glass bead, in a kind of flower shaped cup.  I am not impressed with it, but most of all I am not impressed with myself for letting it take this long to hold up my end of the bargain.  And to all of that I will add that I HATE chainmaille!  I love the way it looks, but my arthritic hands do not want to spend hours opening and closing jumprings!
One of the other cute little things I had ordered were these 6mm swarovski crystal viloet butterfly beads.  I had a pattern picked out to use them in at the time, but never got around to it (the chainmaille made me shove everything into a bag and subsequently bury it).  Now that spring is on its way, I think I will have to put these to use!
And the thing that I ordered last were a couple of Russ Troll beads!  They are so cute!  They are random as to which ones you get, so I recieved 2 different styles, but I think they are great!
 So when I found the bag of UFOs, I decided that Russ Troll would take a visit to Purple Sage (the bead store I work at).  I think they had a good visit, and here is a picture of their visit!
Now that its all said and done, I would like to apologize to Rings & Things for my lack of professionalism, and hopefully I will never get so wrapped up in my disappointment that I will let my responsibilities get away from me.  Sorry Rings & Things!