Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Ketchup!

So in December, my mothers church had a charity auction, for which I made a piece to donate!  I used one of Sandra Halpennys beadwoven lace patterns, and then I added I large oval jasper to the mix, and came up with this!  It turned out very well, and I even made a matching pair of earrings!  I certainly hope that it helps make some money for the church.
 I also bead embroidered a cuff for my friend Betceys birthday!  I used a swarovski rectangle for the focal, but instead of centering it, I off set it on a diagonal, which I think really helps it look a little different.   I used some rosefire rivolis, and a couple light Colorado topaz on the sides. 
 I had intended for the bracelet to be mostly browns (so that it would go with anything) but somehow the whole thing turned out a little on the purple/pink side of things. 
Betcey seemed to really like it, but she commented she didn't have anything to wear with it, until she remembered that she had just bought a shirt with the exact same colors in it!  Perfect!
Yay! It matched!  I lined the inside with a tan ultra suede, and the whole thing is on a 2 " metal cuff blank.  I used lots of different seed beads, and even added some pearls, and some stone (I dont remember what kind)!
I still have more things to show you, but I'm trying, a little at a time to get them all up here for you to see.  I made my boss Sara a pretty necklace for her birthday too, but I didn't have time to take pictures before I gave it to her.  I will have to wait until she wears it to work some day, and grab it so I can get some photos!  It is pretty and I would like to share it! 

Anyway, my goal this year is to not neglect my blog so much, so stay tuned for more beaded goodies coming your way!   I am working on a great choker right now using the new spike beads, and next I have some glow in the dark twin beads that I plan in working something up with!


Halinka said...

The lace set is very beautiful-it should make the money for the Church easily.
The cuff is incredible!I love the colors and this beautiful ,big,rectangular Swarovski'emerald cut' in the centre.If it's not a mystery:would You recommend any good webshop for such big crystals to me?I need some really big,not round ones.They may send to Sweden as well.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

Beadwoman3 said...

Thanks Halinka! That particular swarovski is from they also have teardrop, and oval if you like!

coolmoon said...

GLOW in the DARK TWIN beads? Now you're just teasin'. Haven't seen anything like that down here in LaLa land....(that's Lansing for you peeps closer to the bridge...)

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Beautiful colors on this size-able cuff.
-Eva Maria

Betty said...

Questo braccialetto è spettacolare!!! Davvero meraviglioso!

Cristina said...


Sandra's Gluten-Free Cooking Blog said...

Hello Gretchen, I like how you added the center drop. Nice touch!