Friday, September 28, 2012

Beading For a Cure 2012

I finished my Beading For a Cure piece a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share!  Beading For a Cure is a challenge where you get a packet of beads, and you must use at least one of each bead given, and you can add one bead of your choice. You can also add anything you want that isnt technically a bead, like a rivoli, or a great big stone piece, like I did.  The colors this year had a southwestern feel to them.  I really liked the selection!  So this is the necklace that I made...

I started by bezeling a jasper slab that I had that had some of the same color in it as the beads that were given.  I also bezeled a big brown swarovski crystal(sorry, I dont remember the name of the color) and attached it to the front of the jasper.  I added fringe to the bottom of both.
The strap is made with a great sea green matte peanut bead, and a metallic size 8 bead done in right angle weave.  I added a right angle weave decorative beaded bead to the strap done with the 4mm fire polish, some seed beads, and a drop bead.
I have to say that I really like how this turned out.  The colors were a great choice, and it all seemed to just fall into place once I found the stone for the centerpiece.
Heres a closer up view of the beading, and the embellishment that I added to the strap.  I love the way that big swarovski stone sparkles!  For the clasp, I made a sparkly wheel (designed by Nikia Angel) and a right angle weave toggle bar.
I really enjoy doing the BFAC challenge, not only for the challenge, but because it is a good charity to support.  The pieces that were made will all be auctioned off in March, which is national colo-rectal cancer month.