Thursday, February 16, 2012

Way out of hand UFO!

Have you ever forgotten to do something, and then figured it out WAY to long afterwards to make any kind of attempt to make it right again?  Well, I have!  I was digging through the piles on my work desk (yes, there is alot of stuff piled there) and near the bottom, I ran across a bag of UFOs. 

Now, we all have UFOs, but this particular UFO instantly made me feel horrible!  It was a bag from Rings & Things and it was full of good intentions gone wrong.  I joined the blog partners program that they had, and last December(2010) I had won the prize of a $50 gift certificate, with which I was supposed to pick out some products and blog about them.  I had the idea of trying out a pattern from the book Beadmaille by Cindy Thomas Pankopf.  I ordered some jump rings, and a few other goodies and waited for their arrival.  I figured I could easily find some of the things for the pattern I picked out in my local bead stores so besides the jump rings, I just picked out some little things that I wanted to play with.  Once the package arrived, I dove right in, but much to my dismay, I couldnt find the other correct supplies, so I was left to try and make it work.  It didnt!

I was left to try and use up these big bags of jumprings with my own imagination and I have to say, I wasnt impressed.  I tried everything I could think of (still wanting to try chanmaille in some fashion) and ran head first into a brick wall (OUCH)!  I did make a necklace which kind of looks like a box chain, and decided to try and make a pendant.  Its nothing to special, but I knew after I found the UFO bag, I had to complete my original task and blog about the products.  Here is my chanmaille necklace...
I made a simple pendant that holds a glass bead, in a kind of flower shaped cup.  I am not impressed with it, but most of all I am not impressed with myself for letting it take this long to hold up my end of the bargain.  And to all of that I will add that I HATE chainmaille!  I love the way it looks, but my arthritic hands do not want to spend hours opening and closing jumprings!
One of the other cute little things I had ordered were these 6mm swarovski crystal viloet butterfly beads.  I had a pattern picked out to use them in at the time, but never got around to it (the chainmaille made me shove everything into a bag and subsequently bury it).  Now that spring is on its way, I think I will have to put these to use!
And the thing that I ordered last were a couple of Russ Troll beads!  They are so cute!  They are random as to which ones you get, so I recieved 2 different styles, but I think they are great!
 So when I found the bag of UFOs, I decided that Russ Troll would take a visit to Purple Sage (the bead store I work at).  I think they had a good visit, and here is a picture of their visit!
Now that its all said and done, I would like to apologize to Rings & Things for my lack of professionalism, and hopefully I will never get so wrapped up in my disappointment that I will let my responsibilities get away from me.  Sorry Rings & Things!

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Cindy said...

I completely understand how jewelry projects pile up! Thanks for sharing your awesome chainmaille creations. And you're right, spring time makes it easier to envision pretty purple butterfly designs! Cindy -