Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fish On!

When Artbeads contacted me about their blogging topic*, "Summertime Fun", all it took was a quick glance at the new swarovski fish beads before I had a fun necklace idea! It was a hard choice at first because I was given the broad spectrum of their glass beads to choose from. I just cant seem to help myself when it comes to swarovski though!
I made a spiral rope with over 300 swarovski 4mm bicones. It also has 2 crystal copper fish beads to break it up in the front of the necklace.
The clasp is in front, and it is made up of a sparkly wheel and a handcrafted sterling silver fish hook (I made myself!).
From the sparkly wheel hang 4 fish pendant beads. 1 crystal copper, 1 indicolite, 1 blue zircon, and 1 aquamarine. The copper is supposed to look like a goldfish, but I'll admit its more brown then gold! The whole thing is very sparkly, and has a really fun feeling to it.
And last but not least, I finally finished Aprils Bead Journal Project! I started this back before Easter. and it was nice to get it done. It is supposed to look like an Easter egg (because Easter usually is in April). It has gold turtles (because they fit my turtles throughout the year theme), and presents, because both my birthday and my sons birthday are in April! The rest was just filling in the blanks.
I've finally started my May BJP, and hopefully will also get to Junes before the month is up! I'll cross my fingers, and hope for easy beading!

*disclaimer- all products received from artbeads are free of cost to me in exchange for my opinion of said products.

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