Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bead Store Blues

Well, its been a few weeks now since Ive had to work, and the bead store is all closed up. You would think that this would be a happy thing, to not have to go to work, and have lots of time to deal with Christmas and all, but quite truthfully I think I am going through withdrawl. I am no longer used to days playing taxi to the kids, and barely getting a moments rest. I miss the bead store, and all of the customers. I made a lot of good friends while I was there, and they really helped the creative juices flow. I like to see what other people are doing in the bead world, and I liked to help problem solve. Now the biggest problem I get to solve has to do with who gets to play video games first, and whether or not all the homework is done. I don't quite know what to do with myself. Any suggestions? I am still beading daily(its a good stress buster, and I have a lot of presents to make), but the kids don't really want to talk about it with me. My husband is very understanding, and he will listen, but beads don't quite get his creative juices flowing, and he never has the same ideas I do. Oh well, maybe I will fall into a routine soon, and maybe I will find a new bead store to work at. A girl can dream cant she?

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