Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Blues

I cant believe it is mid-January and barely feels like winter and yet I am still sick of it. I used to love winter, with romantic thoughts of hibernation and spending all of my time indoors while beading. I now live my life getting in and out of the car playing taxi-mom, with barely anytime to warm my slippers up when I am home. Although I shouldn't complain to much today, because I just spent the last two days in my jammies and not leaving the house because the kids have been sick. I did do some beading, but it seems like my to-do list never gets any shorter. I still haven't started my mask for the behind the mask challenge, but at least I know what direction I am heading with it. I just need to get all the supplies together, and get to work! I am starting to worry though how much this thing will cost me to ship it to Maine, because it is going to be HEAVY. Hopefully I can afford it when the time comes!
I finished another square for the bead quilt ( ) but my camera has disappeared so I cant show it to you yet. I really need to organize my house! There are beads everywhere, and toys everywhere else. You would think a camera would not be that hard to lose, but...I have done it! Well, I need to get the trash out, I can hear the trucks rumbling close by...

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