Thursday, January 3, 2008

A whole new year?

I survived the holidays! Including every member of my family, even the ones I don't normally like to deal with. And I can even say that I was nice! I spent Christmas night and the 26Th being sick, along with my son. Two days later my husband had it, and shortly thereafter I traveled the country and left the illness with my Mother in Washington DC. Last time I talked with her, she felt like she got hit with a truck. Hopefully she is feeling better.
I have also had the pleasure of continuing my animosity towards Charter Communications. Geez I hate their service. Especially the phone. My phone has been disconnected, and they don't seem to want to tell me why. I received no notice of this, and now that it is not working, they will probably want to charge me $60 to turn it back on. I cant wait until my order goes through to reconnect with AT&T. Never once was I dissatisfied with their service. I never should have left, but the bundle packages seem like such a big first...and then you pay and pay and pay...
So now that it is 2008, I am starting the year with good hopes! I have some challenges to work on, like the Beadin' Paths behind the mask challenge( and of course Jeanette Shanigans bead quilt ( I am sure I will find more to play with this year also. I am also hoping that something I have been discussing with Michelle Mach from Beading Daily will work out nicely. Stay tuned for more information on that as I talk with Michelle more. I was thinking of giving a try this year to try and sell some of my jewelry. Any one give this website a try? I cant seem to tell how the artists are doing there because most people I have found seem to be new members also. I guess I will have to try it out, and I will let you know. I can afford to lose the $.20 listing fee for a few things just to see if it will work better then eBay. Well, I should be getting my butt to the grocery store. Happy New Year everyone, and may 2008 be great for all of you!