Monday, February 23, 2009

Some new things

I have been busily beading, and have a few things to share! First, earlier this month was my nieces birthday (she turned 9 on February 11Th), so I thought I would make her something. After searching the web for awhile, I found the cutest pattern for a hello kitty pendant done in right angle weave! This is just a quick picture I snapped while it was in the box before I wrapped it up and sent it to the birthday party, but I think it turned out VERY cute, and the birthday girl was quite pleased! The necklace also has beaded beads (done in RAW), and I made some earrings to go along with it.
This other necklace is something I am donating to my mothers church for a charity auction they are having. We got these new beads at work, and they spoke to me! This is what they said...
I am also very happy with how this turned out. I cant remember where I saw the inspiration for this piece, but through my searching of beaded pictures(1000's of them!) the pearly part is similar to some of Laura McCabes work. The necklace is constructed with herringbone stitch, and the little beaded slide (but it doesnt actually move) is done in right angle weave. The pearls at the bottom are just fringe attached to the herringbone base.

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