Thursday, August 27, 2009

Block Party 2009!

Once again, Monica Magness is doing a raffle to help raise funds for breast cancer. She is taking all sorts of donations, and there is an art block quilt that are all up for raffle. Please check out her site, Girl-gone-thread-wild , to read more about it! I have decided to donate this necklace that I made to the prize wheel, so if you like it, go buy a raffle ticket. Maybe you'll win it, and even if you don't, you'll know that the money is for a good cause.
This 20 1/2 inch long necklace features a pendant made by Anderson Coats (my brother) of GuruGlassworks . The necklace is a herringbone rope made up of multiple sizes of beads including size 15's, delica 11's, size 11 seed beads, size 10 triangles, size 8 seed beads, and 4mm swarovski bicones. The sizes are graduated to give the herringbone rope more visual interest.
I finished the necklace off with a sparkly wheel toggle made with 4mm swarovski crystals, delicas and size 15 seed beads. It really is a very nice necklace, in a golden lime color, which the pictures do no justice. The crystals are lime AB, and there are rose and olive highlights throughout the beadwork that are also in the pendant.
I really hope you all go over to Monicas' blog, and read more about this, and take a look at all of the goodies she has on the prize wheel (more then just jewelry!). Breast cancer has once again hit my family, and almost everyone I know has a loved one that is affected by cancer. Only together can we actually defeat cancer!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

O' Gretchen, you have shared such a beautiful piece of art to the prize wheel & the fight against breast cancer.. I can't thank you enuff for bestowing on US your creation! Art on pink sister!!


Lisa said...

Wow, your work is just amazing!! I would love to feature your pieces on my blog at A Bead A Day if you wouldn't mind. Fabulous, jaw dropping work!! -Lisa C.,

Lisa said...

Hi there! Thanks again for allowing me to post your work on my blog. It just went up. Have a great weekend!! - Lisa C.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Your work is stunning! I know exactly what you are talking about in your bio when you say beads make you loose sleep but isn't it a wonderful artform? I must go over to girl gone thread wild and see if they might want something of mine to auction...tka for sharing this.
P.S. I came over from Rock Candy and am here to stay...