Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My first Bead Journal Page! (and a necklace I made)

This year I decided to join the Bead Journal Project. It was started a few years ago by Robin Atkins, I think this is the third year were doing now. So I spent many months trying to figure out if I wanted a theme, and what shape and size I might do. One of the rules is to keep the same size/shape throughout the year. I thought about doing a dodecahedron, one side for each month. I thought about artist trading card size...I even contemplated doing goddesses for each month. After much thinking I decided I would do circles, and they are 4 3/4" across. To be exact, I am tracing a tin that I got from my Aunt, that is shaped and decorated like a Big Mac(yes, from McDonald's) which humors me greatly (I'm amused easily). I also decided that for every month, I will use one of the many turtle beads that I have in my collection. I love turtles, and I have LOTS of turtle beads. I am currently not able to part with them, or think of anything I would make for myself with them, so I thought this was a perfect excuse to use them, and keep them! So here is January's page...
It is all done in white, and with the feeling of snow because it is cold and snowy in Michigan in January! Ive decided to call it "Turtles in the Snow" for obvious reasons. I made some swarovski snowflakes in crystal 2xAB and then attached them to the pellon. I haven't even cut this out because I am not sure if they will need the extra fabric when framing it(which I intend to do when I am all done). I had such a good time making this one (which I finished on January 31st) that I dove immediately into February's page. I haven't finished "Turtles in Love" yet(but I'm close), because I had to put it down and try to finish my etsy-beadweaver challenge piece.

Which brings us to my next set of pictures! I didn't get it done in time, but I did get it done! The etsy-beadweaver challenge that was due on February 5 had the theme of "inspired by the ocean". I had these great beads, that reminded me of the ocean, and the colors reminded me of the sand and the surf.
I decided to make a lariat, with the beads on either end(because I only had 2) and a double spiral rope for the length because then I could swirl the "sand" and the "sea" together.
I could have finished it on Friday night, when it was due, but I wouldn't have been able to make it quite as long as I wanted, so I decided to skip the late night photo shoot. I finally finished it Sunday night, during the Superbowl, and it is a whopping 54" long! It could be used in so many ways...for a necklace, or even for a belt (if your waistline is small enough).
So all I need to do now is go and list it over on etsy. And while I'm thinking about it, the voting for the people that DID get their creations done on time is going on now at the etsy-beadweaver blog, until the 15Th of February, so go on over and vote for your favorite!


SharDon Exclusives said...

Your bead embroidery snowflake is stunningly beautiful. I does remind me of snowy days in the north. The rope is also gorgeous but the white on white is so lovely...

Ani said...

I love the sand and sea double-spiral rope! (Well, I love everything that I've been seeing on your blog.) How do you do a double-spiral? I know single spiral but not a double.