Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turtles in Love

Boy am I behind, but I'm only behind in taking photos! I actually got this finished on the last day in February, but haven't gotten around to taking the pictures and posting since then. This is my February bead journal page. This month I used two stone turtle fetish beads. One is rose quartz, and the other is a pale shade of yellow...and I think it might be a quartz also. Ive had the big crystal heart for forever (have no recollection of where it came from). The two little "candy" heart beads that say "kiss me" and "cutie pie" I got from a woman that was in the nursing home with my Grandmother many years ago. Seems Grandma and Aunt Nancy would talk about me making jewelry and such and the woman collected together some old jewelry and other beady things she had and gave it to my Aunt to pass on to me! They are actually so convincing that they are candy, that both of my children wanted to know where I was hiding the rest of it! I added "be mine" and a whole lot of pink and yellow beads. Amazing how many pink beads I have, considering it is probably my least favorite color to bead with.


Jewelry By Jessica said...

I love the colors in this very much! And it was a really cute idea to use the turtles :)

Bobbi said...

Oh Gretchen, I loveee this! Awesome work! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs and happy beading...