Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grandmas Cameo

When I was notified of Artbeads new design challenge, I was thrilled! "What was old, is new again" gave me the perfect reason to bust out my box of Grandmas old jewelry. There were quite a few cameos, but I chose my focal piece because it looks like it is actually carved and not just molded. As I continued to dig through all the goodies in the box I found a pair of old clip on earrings that matched the colors in the cameo. I clipped off the back of the earrings, and decided that they looked best right under the cameo. Here's a picture of the old parts of my necklace, the cameo in the middle and the earrings right under it (with the three little rhinestones in them).
Then I started to browse the Artbeads website. Boy they have TONS of stuff! I decided (after many hours and what seemed like days) that I needed some swarovski rivolis in light peach which beautifully picked up the same colors of the stones in the earrings. Then I decided to order a pair of their cameos which I placed at the clasp.
I'm very satisfied with how the whole piece came out, and I think that it would make Grandma happy too! She was big on re-using items (in particular, wrapping paper and old greeting cards) and if she could see what kind of company her cameo was with now I think she would be impressed!I set out originally thinking I would make it all shades of brown, because the cameo looked like it was a shade of carnelian. After adding the earrings, and deciding to use the light peach rivolis to match, the necklace started to take on a whole new color. I added some swarovski sun margaritas, some peach pearls and seed beads in every color I could think of including copper, gold, and brown. I think adding lots of lighter colors brightened the whole thing up and I cant imagine what it would look like if I had stuck with just brown. It was so much brighter and happier then I think brown would've been!
Here is a shot of the cameos from Artbeads. They came as a set, one of them facing in each direction, which is one of the reasons I decided to put them at the clasp.
What I didn't mention earlier is that I decided I didn't want to ruin the integrity of the cameo pin. So I didn't cut the back off and glue it down to my interfacing, I left the pin intact and pinned it to the interfacing. I cut out little holes for the working parts of the pin so that when it sits on the interfacing the back is all flush. Then when I glued the Ultrasuede to my interfacing, I just left an open space where the pin is that is glue-free so that if I ever decide I want just the cameo again I can just unpin it!
* disclaimer - all products provided by Artbeads are free of charge for my opinion of said products whether good or bad. No compensation was given.


Eveline said...

Wow, amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!

EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads said...

I love the way you mix the colors!Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I collect cameos and have great knowledge of beautiful pieces and have very beautiful pieces myself, but I must say that this is perhaps one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Your grandmother would be proud. You should wear it. It is a great conversation piece. Absolutely gorgeous! ~Caroline~

Mary Foyes said...

Your name caught my attention so I decided to see what your blog was about. I love using the cameo idea as I too have lots of jewelry from my older family members. Thanks for the great tips.

Pelantura said...

Precioso trabajo, enhorabuena!!!