Friday, April 11, 2008


April 11Th and my mask is no where near done! I am in a panic at the moment because my beaded mask for the Behind the Mask Challenge is not nearly close enough to being done to make me feel very good right now. It took me until January to come up with a feasible idea, and I have been working steadily on it, but it is not coming along like I dream it should be. I guess there is still a slight chance I might be able to pull it all together, if I give up sleeping, and driving my family taxi. I told Brian that if he would put his life on pause, and take over my duties (children, house, car, etc.) and if I also gave up sleeping, and glued myself to my chair, I might be able to do it...but I don't think any of that is plausible. I will keep beading, and trying, and is time to start the next challenge so I don't fall behind on that one too. Why is there never enough time? Well, maybe because I am sitting here at my computer, reading e-mails, and forums, and posting on my blog...oh my, the guilt is tremendous.

I have been exploring the world of . William Johnson has asked me whether I might be interested in writing for them. I had never heard of Bead Bugle before, but he tells me they have been around for 11 years, and somewhere near 40,000 readers. That's a lot of people. I am still exploring what other people have been writing about, and giving this a lot of thought. I think it will be a lot of fun, but I haven't actually come up with what I might write about. I have never really been a writer, but there is a first time for everything. I'm writing here aren't I?

On another note, I have been out beading with the girls. Shelia has told us that May 13Th her new bead store will open. Red Fox Beads. It will be in her house for now, until she gets a good customer base, and can afford to move to a regular retail establishment. I'm happy for her, I have always thought that Freeland is a good area for a bead store. I am a bit upset though because seed beads are not on her list of must carries yet. Why can no one except Bead Haven carry my beads? I hate driving out there...ah, well, I guess that's my problem though. Maybe she will be pressured by the general beady public to carry them, and they will want to take classes and such, and she will give in to the pressure...a girl can dream, cant she?