Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, I finally had to set down the mask, and move on to other things. I still have a reasonable amount of work to do on the mask, but for sanity sake, I know when I need to take a break. I still intend to finish it also, hopefully before Christmas, but I needed to get some other projects done first. The Beadin' Path will be posting pictures in about a month so everyone can see what the talented artists who got theirs done in time did with their masks.

First to get done is my Beading for a Cure project. I finally came up with a pattern that works for me, and made a bunch of beaded beads. I am almost patiently awaiting a delivery of the few last supplies I need in order to take some pictures, and send it on its way before the deadline of July 15Th. Hopefully I will get these pictures up on my blog before the holiday this weekend(fingers crossed).

Then I get to start my turtle for the Pink Ribbon Turtles 4Q. I have all sorts of beads that I have been buying, and getting all my creative juices flowing, and I am revved up, and ready to go! I am hoping to start the shell this weekend, while I am in Fife Lake at the cottage this weekend. Hopefully I will find some time to work on it, but with all the family being there, I am sure I will be distracted.

In the meantime, I am creating a website for myself. This is the year I would really like my beading career to start to take off. I have been playing around for about 24 years now, experimenting, and having lots of fun. Now that my kids are a bit bigger (Xavier is 7 and Aiden is 5) and both will be in full day school in the fall, so I will have some time to concentrate on furthering my goals. Keep your eyes and ears open, because I want to try and get the website up and running this month. The address will be www.libeadobeadwork.com .

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