Sunday, April 5, 2009


Have you ever gotten an idea that you just HAD to create something. Its almost like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type thing where you just cant help yourself. I was obsessed with the idea of cutting up a computer board, and turning it into some funky necklace.
I glued the motherboard pieces to felt, and then beaded around them. I didn't quite know where it would take me. First I wanted to make a whole collar, then a cuff. But with deadline time drawing near, a plan started to formulate. I just did the three pieces, and barely finished it in time.
I love the bottom piece with Quantum written on it. The whole thing is very industrial looking.
I finished the whole thing off with a "toggle switch/clasp". I even managed to keep the toggle in working order so you can "switch it on/off" and hear it click. This is my entry to the etsy-beadweavers April challenge "time machine".

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Lynn said...

Don't you just love it when the muse strikes and carries you along.....the toggle switch is a perfect clasp!