Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After many LONG hours, and what seems like an unreal amount of beads I have finished him! Hoppity is a gift for the owner of Purple Sage(where I work) who is pregnant right now(but hopefully not to much longer!). I had a great time making him (except it seemed to never end!) and changing him from a beanie baby, to a "beadie baby"!
Every square inch of him is beaded with pinks, purples, white, and silver. Over his heart I bezelled in an amethyst heart shaped stone.
I didn't bead his whiskers, but I thought about threading some bugles onto them. I figured it might look goofy, and to leave well enough alone. I am so excited to give him to her, I hope she loves him! I think she will because she loves beads , and she has a beadwork collection (maybe he'll have some friends at her house?).

I also decided to leave his tag on his little bootie, so everyone could remember his name, and to prove he was a beanie baby.

Now I get to move on to my rivoli buttons from! The idea I have for them I think will be perfect for this months etsy-beadweaver challenge "Hollywood red carpet inspired jewelry" because I am going to make it drip with crystals!


aaa said...
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vezsuzsi said...

Oh, god, I just love it!!!! What is her size anyway?

Beadwoman3 said...

Hoppity started life out as a beanie baby, which makes him about 6 to 8 inches tall when standing up(but hoppity normally sits, so sitting height would be about 5 or six inches).