Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Stuff!

I made this piece originally for the May etsy-beadweaver challenge "Hollywood Red Carpet Creations", but because I got sick I didn't manage to finish it on time, so I didn't get to enter(boohoo). I thought this would be perfect, because it is LOADED with bling because of all the crystals I used in it.
I started with some swarovski rivoli buttons that I got from . Needless to say, they were FABULOUS! I had three 27mm buttons, two 23mm buttons, and a little 12mm button I used for the clasp. I bezeled the buttons with some gold lined delicas, and sewed them all together to make the centerpiece. It still needed something, so I added an 18mm rivoli to the top of the centerpiece, and added a swarovski 30mm crystal heart dangle to the bottom.
One of the things I liked so much about the rivoli buttons (besides the sizes which were great!) is that they have a hole on the back, so once I sewed them all together, I strung the whole thing on some 49 strand .019 diameter soft flex, so I feel this necklace is really well constructed.
I covered the soft flex on the back with some gold size 8 seed beads, just so you wouldn't have to look at the wire. The wire continues on through the whole necklace to make it extra sturdy. I then used some fireline to make the strap a flat spiral, because I felt just the 6mm crystals by themselves was a little to boring (LOL). As I said, I didn't get this done on time to enter the contest, but I will be adding it to my etsy page soon!
Right when I finished this sparkly piece, I had to immediately jump on my entry to Step by Step Beads colorworks challenge with Margie Deeb. I had no clue what to make with the color combo I was supposed to use, orange/purple/green. But after finding some seed beads in a harmonious palette, it just kind of happened. I had Vicki Hubbard (from Purple Sage) make me a dichroic fused glass donut, and the rest just fell into place!
I managed to get this finished, and my entry mailed off at 11:58pm on May 15Th (the deadline), just in the nick of time! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and am more then happy to add this piece to my own collection of jewelry. I will be keeping it myself because I was quite disappointed with the metallic orange Japanese seed beads I had. I know metallic finishes wont last forever, but was peeved to have it start to come off while I was still creating this piece.
Oh well, I don't mind having to keep it for myself. Gives me one more thing to wear at the bead store when I work. Its a bit brighter then my normal jewelry, but I love it anyway!


Summer said...

Wow, stunning work! I love that last piece; that is one very unique donut:) I'm so sorry you just *had* to keep the piece, hehe!

Darla said...

I just found your blog yesterday. It was featured in Bead-patterns newsletter. I am always interested in other beadweavers work and thoughts. I love both of your pieces, especially the floral one. I do mostly floral work myself (necklaces) and sell most of them. Even the ones I make for myself...seems like someone always wants them and I give in and sell them. I have added you to my favorites so I will be a frequent reader. Keep up the good work, Darla

Michelle said...

I'm stunned and in awe. That bezel looks So beautiful with the swarovski buttons! I think I might try it! You've definitely inspired me! I don't know if this will work, but will bezels work with sterling silver 2x2 beads? i get my supplies from Stones and Findings (where they allow me to buy in bulk!) and I think I want to try it with silver beads! It would fantastic with some faceted labradorite I have lying around!

Designs by Blanche said...

Love your bead work - especially love what you did with the Swarovski rivolis!

Beadwoman3 said...

Thank you all for the nice comments! I had a good time making both of these pieces (even though the crystal one was way out of my comfort zone(Im not usually so blingy)).

I think it would work with 2mm. Ive heard some people use 2mm crimps for a bead instead of delicas when they want a true metallic look. The hardest part I think would be what to use with them becuase I use delicas and 15's when I bezel something and finding a 15 with the same fins might be tough.