Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bead Quilt Square

Well I completed my first square for Jeanette Shanigans Bead quilt. I know that it technically isn't a rose but do you think it will matter? I just fell in love with this flower that was made of shell and thought it would be so pretty that I would give it a try.

I know the picture isn't perfect but I still have a lot of practicing to do on taking the perfect picture. On that note, I would like to thank my ever generous husband for buying the new digital camera that takes a kick butt picture when it comes to the detail needed to properly photograph beadwork. Now if only I were that good, we could have awesome pictures. I find the hardest part is getting the perfect lighting. I should make myself a photo box, and see if that helps. I did find an instructional page on the net explaining how to make a cheap photo box with a cardboard box and some glass. Any one out there know of any other good methods?

I still haven't gotten any replies on anything, so I am assuming that no one has found this blog yet, but I did Google libeado the other day and this blog did come up as one of the hits, on the first page none the less. That must mean that the 250 words tip must be true. I know I could just tell people about this, but that would mean everyone that looked would already know me, and I wants some opinions of people that I don't already know. Where are all you guys hanging out at? Am I missing some really cool beading blog that I don't even know about?

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